I'm back! Where are we going?

26 December 2020

Hey! It's been a little while, hasn't it? Haha. If anyone saw what this page looked like recently... I am soooo sorry omg. I got this little journal template from a Japanese website called Fool Lovers, which is super cute BTW. Mad respect to the moderator, who I actually emailed yesterday because of how much trouble I was having. Their explanation of the issue + some file location help from mein father saved this page from being a total hot mess. Soooo. Thanks, guys. I'm going to transfer the "musings" and writing pages to this lil notebook as well because I already wanted to keep those pages all together for easy access, and now I have a very easy and convenient way to do it! Yay! Kind of want to change the look the the homepage a bit, but with what I have in mind, it might look a bit like I'm copying the appearance of another user's site and that's not what I want to do. We'll see what happens with that, I guess.