yuh 2 electric boogaloo

4 December 2020

Heyyyy hiiii :DD If you're seeing this that means neocities decided to work normally!! I'm not sure why but the link to this page on that's on the homepage just isn't working at the time that I'm writing this, and I redid the link a couple times and checked the code for errors and there weren't any, so hopefully this is just a temporary thing. Anywayssss, this page is for my writing!! I don't do that very much these days because of mental problems and pursuing an education and all that, but I try to anyway. This page is for my original works, but on occasion there will be fanfiction. Fanfic will only be posted here if it's for something that I haven't created a fanpage for, btw, so if you want any about Skam or the Goldfinch (or something else if I make more) you should check the fanpages.