a gif of Amira Mahmood from Druck blinking and looking in the upper left direction. The camera is zoomed in to just below her neck. She has an almost smiling expression and she's wearing a neutral brownish orange lip gloss, dark mascara, and has a gold nose ring and hoop earrings. On her head she has a black hijab. The top two words, 'alt er' are in a thin font and the word 'love' is bolded. The norweigan phrase 'alt er love', meaning 'we are love', in yellow letters on a black background.a gif of Sana Bakoush from Skam Norway removing a pair of black sunglasses she's wearing and gazing fiercely at the camera. The camera is zoomed in to just below her shoulders. She wears a black hijab and metallic reddish-pink lipstick.
a gif of Evan and Isak from Skam Norway laying on a bed face down. Evan is laying on his back with his arm under partly under Isak and partly wrapped around his head. He is wearing a dark blue jacket with the hood on his head and white shirt. Isak is laying on his stomach, partially on top of Evan, and he is wearing a grey jacket with his hood also on his head.A gif of Eleanora from Skam Italy. Her left arm is raised up with her hand in front of her face and her eyes are closed. Her pointer and middle fingers are on either side of her nose bridge, slightly below her eyebrows. Her ring finger is bent, touching her forehead, and her thumb and pinkie finger are sticking outwards. She is wearing a light brown long-sleeved shirt and has red lipstick and shoulder-lenght dark brown hair.A gif of David and Matteo from Druck, the German remake of Skam Norway, kissing in an empty pool. They are both wearing black jackets and the camera is cut off just below their shoulders.

We were emotions

without form, and I carry it with me,

Run the Red Lights, Ed Skoog











a gif of Constantin from Druck dancing at a party. Multicolored lights shine on his face and neck and silver-colored streamers surround him, swaying in the wind. a gif of Ismail from Druck dancing at a party. His eyes are closed and he has a small smile on his face, showing a happy and serene expression. A gif of Nora from Druck dancing at a party. She lifts her arms up above her head and dances in a slow, relaxed, and leisurely manner with her eyes closed. A gif of Kiu Me from Druck dancing at a party. Her arms are bent as she lifts them and runs them through her hair. Her facial expression is one of happiness, with a wide smile and closed eyes. Multicolored lights shine on her face as she dances and silver stremers shine and reflect the lights in the background behind her.

If part of Junk is

letting go, partly Junk is letting go of you Junk finds a new boo

from Junk, Tommy Pico

she was in love
with the guy who
was in love
with her best friend.
he was white-blonde long.
she was white-freckled sweet.
we lived to be night
but alive.
no stars shined
brighter than our
bodies outlined by
licks of fire.

—the last gods, Ruth Ellen Kocher

Heartstopper Skam moment????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!