the cringification of transgenderism

2 December 2021

Watched episode 5. Once again, I'm dissatisfied even though this is a show for teenagers that I don't particularly care for or expect to pander to me in any way. But I've seen some of the takes from the Druck fandom & I justttttt. Can't with these people. I guess this is what happens when you break away from the Useless LGBT Discourse sides of twitter/instagram... you just sort of grow exhausted from the stupidity of it all, the endless cycles of New-Age Gen Z Queers who think ientity politics are useful or beneficial to anyone.

I sound crazy, going off on a weird tangent like that, don't I? But to rephrase all that in a non-crazy way, I just don't like how Druck fans want this season to focus on Ismail's gender identity. Because 1. There's no actual canon information about Ismail's gender or sexuality. We know that he' assigned male at birth but also has a visible feminine side (he usually wears feminine clothes, jewelry, and makeup in the show & there's an instagram post from forever ago where he's wearing a dress), we know he has a hard time being masculine & that he's not really comfortable dressing in Masculine clothes/dressing as an average cishetero male (confirmed in episode 5), and we know he's attracted to women. This means that Ismail could be basically any gender or sexuality. Like, he could be nonbinary, he could just be a gender-nonconforming male, he could be a trans female, he could be 20 gender at the same time, he could be no gender at all, just like we don't know if he's bisexual or only attracted to women. Hell, he could be a gay/attracted-to-males-only kid with compulsive heterosexuality. We just don't fucking know.

And even if we actually knew any of this info, there's like, no reason to make it a Big Thing. I've been saying for fucking ever & my opinion still stands: Putting a bunch of emphasis on a character being trans just serves to alienate us & make us seem different from everyone else!!! Like, I fully support trans representation ofc, but I can't stand this new thing where people get upset that a trans/trans-assumed character has a whole Self-Discovery Arc and Truly Realizes Who They Are. Ismail, for example, has been an established genderqueer (I hate that word but whatever) character literally ever since they were introduced in Druck. Clearly, he either knows who is and/or has no issue presenting himself as gender nonconforming.

Sure, we can have a realistic portrayal of the struggle he faces for his appearance and gender presentation, but I don't think we need self-discovery shit here. I can feel something like that coming in later episodes, and I know I'm going to suffer from secondhand embarrasment when I watch it. Just the idea that we absolutely NEED to focus on this character's identity is... ugh. Like, this happens with so many transgender characters and it's never done well. Trans people actually do have lives and identities outside of being trans. We actually exist in the real world and we want to be accepted and seen as the regular human beings that we are, and regardless of all that, being openly transgender is actually pretty dangerous in the real world, so all this flaunting and treating it like it's fun just seems insensitive. Just because teenagers on social media have started identifying as transgender to seem special doesn't mean we have to listen or pander to them. I only wish that people would understand this.


21 November 2021

I've been putting off watching for a while because I have a life outside of TV shows (surprisingly) and I'm focusing on my education and all that. But I finished episode 4 the other day, and what have I to say that isn't a complaint at this point?

We've got drama between Constantin and Ismail, who are in a silent mini-war because they both like Lou, Sascha just kind of in the background being Ismail's bestie with almost nothing else going for him, Umut feeling so embarrased by Ismail being openly nonbinary that he doesn't even want to talk to his own big brother in public or walk home with him after school... with the implication that he also doesn't like Ismail acting up and being Rebellious and Weird now.

Is the viewer supposed to feel ba for Ismail in this situation? I have no idea, but I certainly don't. Because 1. Fictional character, not that deep, etc, and 2. Ismail is literally creating problems for himself. that entire episode was so fucking cringeworthy to me, but the tampon stealing situation was irritating as fuck. Like yeah, tampons should be afforable if not free, but this show is trying so hard to encourage activism and raise awareness for a cause and it is NOT working. When the show trie to raise a point like this and then framed stealing tampons from a convenience store as the solution, I just. Couldn't.

I mean. There are a million ways to make menstrual products free and accessible for students that don't require anything illegal. The high school I went to is doing this right now, and like. I'm not saying "this fictional show needs to take inspiration from a real-life school that no one there has ever heard of that's also in another country", but if Druck is trying to teach a lesson, then they could try having Lou organize some event to raise money or have people donate menstrual products to the school. But that would interfere with their "Cool Rebellious Teenagers" vibe, so we're stuck with dumb shit like this instead. Ik it's not suppose to be a moral thing where the characters are supposed to teach people right and wrong, but I also don't like that we're pretending this is real activism now.

And like, Druck hasn't exactly been a "TV Show" for a while now. I've been wondering when this change started occuring and I think it was around the 2nd half of season 3, when Matteo and David started dating. That was when Druck stopped being a Show and became a compilation of people Lounging Aesthetically in Locations. If there's anyone else reading this who has watched this show, tell me you've noticed it. Sure, the characters interact with each other, sure they talk, sure they move around, but there's so much where they're just like. Chillin. in a Cool Hangout Spot. And the only actual indication that there's a plot being moved along through an episode is when they go to a different place. And ik this has been the new Trend in Entertainment lately, trying to make everything artsy and aesthetic, but I am getting TIRED of it. Someone needs to tell these directors that they will never make another Call Me By Your Name or whatever other films the tumblr aesthetic kids are still obsessed with. Someone needs to tell them that this is a daytime television show for teenagers and it doesn't have to be pretty or have a million quiet, thought-provoking moments of manufactured friendship where every character is packed into a room cuddling with one another surrounded by plants.

All I care about thus far is Ava an Ismail becoming friends again, which actually does feel realistic compared to the other shit in this show. Ava is still mad about things that happened between her and Ismail in elementary/middle school which is sooooo. It just works, because it shows you how these are just teenagers whose drama seems like nothing compared to the problems you experience in The Real World, but it manages to resonate and seem like an actual problem that she has every right to care about. When you're done with school, all the drama that occured during your time there just seems petty and dumb, but when you're a student, school is basically your whole life and the main place where you form relationships, so all that drama is actually meaningful and matters to you. And THAT felt realistic. I don't even think Ava should be instant besties with Ismail, tbh, but if she's getting over it, that's fine with me. At least it's some kind of resolution, yknow?

Silence of the fruitcakes

1 November 2021

I just got to watching druck s7e1! Woo! To be honest though. It's already starting to reflect some things that annoy me and some things that worry me about the season, the show, the... representation? being attempted here.

My 'genuinely passionate about skam' phase has long since fizzled out, but I'm still interested enough in it to keep watching, ya know? So of course I'm less entertained than I was a good while ago. But one thing about Druck that kept me engaged was Ismail, the one character that I seriously gave af about because he just like me fr. When I saw him, I just thought "Hot nonbinary middle easterners? You don't see that every day!" because like, you don't, but as one of them, I can testify that we exist & yes, we're just as hot & amazing & fat-assed as you think. But Druck annoys me so much that I don't even care much for this season, I guess.

The main thing about this one specific adaptation that just grinds my freaking gears is that it's trying to appeal to Gen Z'ers in the most annoying & not-even-that-bad way. They have all this aesthetic shit, these fun little parties that The Kids Are Going To These Days, these quirky friend groups that we're supposed to envy & aspire to be in, but like, these are fictional characters who actually um. Are super boring & barely speak to each other outside of their 'yasss'-ing & instagram photos. Like, really? Ik I sound like a bitchy no-fun-allowed oldhead, but this is so Cringe. I am utterly uninterested in your fake fun, Druck.

And I can see this "nonbinary aesthetic" transferring to Ismail as well. I don't care about fiction too much, but when the fiction is supposed to represent a marginalised identity that I relate to, I have things to say. Idc if Ismail is a feminine male nonbinary. Hell, we NEED more nonbinary male representation, because lord knows the 'old men in a corporate boardroom who don't know what the kids are into these days' have done too much to accidentally-on-purpose give people the idea that nonbinaries are mostly skinny white girls. But I do wish we could stop portraying nonbinary people as gender-bending, I guess. Not for my own sake, although my 'nonbinay expression' is certainly not gender-bending so maybe I'm just biased bc I want to see people like me out there, but because that's not how people are. It's not that big of a deal. & I wish Druck would stop pretending that this is in any way realistic, maybe? Idk. If the nonbinary character is so secure in their identity that they parade around showing off their gender expression openly like that, it's fucking okay for Ismail to be in the boy's bathroom. I'm already exasperated with this silly microidentity shit.

We don't, y'know, live in a utopia. So there was a transphobic microaggression aimed at Ismail in this episode, one that I don't care about tbh. I just hope we don't have a transphobic bullying thing in this season. I've seen that in other shows & it has NEVER worked, it's always repulsively cringe-worthy, it leads nowhere & serves only to "teach a lesson" on acceptance. Good Lord. That shit is like public school anti-drug seminars (ridiculous, doesn't work, does not eliminate the problem in any way, shape, or form). Hate to say it, but I am disappointed & bored with this season. The representation isn't even bad. It just makes me cringe for reasons I myself don't entirely understand, & I wish we could just do the 'this character is nonbinary ok who cares move on this fictional story is a utopia where gender isn't a big deal' thing. I'm bored, OK? It feels silly at this point. Leave us alone, my Gd.

I feel bad for Ismail. He/they deserves better. He deserves an arc that doesn't revolve around his gender, he deserves to be, idk, normal? No dumb love triangles, no attempts to appeal to This Generation. Give him a real life & personality that's not forced into a Silly Goofy Fun Alt Kids You're Jealous Of box. People can be fruity, genderless, & wear dangly earrings without being insufferable.

Test post?

11 October 2021

Hey. This is a test. If it works as expected, then this little iframe will be my skam-exclusive blogging area! Surprisingly, I have a lot more thoughts about this show(s?) than I, myself, realised... so if I ever want to share those thoughts, I guess I'll do so right here so I don't look like a skam-obsessed weirdo on actual social media. lol.